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This website is intended to enable European RV-Pilots to get in contact with each other - within a country but also across borders. There are many RV-Groups on Facebook or Whatsapp, but most of them are limited to a certain group of people and it is hard to get in contact with them or even know that a group like that exists.

Register your Email-Address, enter your homebase and a range. Whenever a new event comes up in that area around your homebase, you are going to receive an update by email. This way, it is easy to also schedule short-term meetings.

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Not (yet) an RV-Pilot but still interested in these airplanes? Some events might also be suitable for guests.

Upcoming Events

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  • Formation training Uelzen
    Formation training in Uelzen. Suitable for newcomers and advanced formation pilots. Set up your tent next to your plane. Other accommodation will also be available. There are manuals that you can study before the event and there will also be a proper briefing before each flight. We follow strict procedures in order to be safe and there's no room for show-off-attitude. Newcomers will be joined by an experienced pilot for the first few flights.
    Uelzen Airport (EDVU)
    08.05.2021 - 09.05.2021
  • Experimental days Belgium
    Big fly in with Camping, excellent food and great atmosphere!
    Leopoldsburg Airfield (EBLE)
    02.07.2021 - 04.07.2021
  • RV-fly-in Gelnhausen
    Flugplatzkerb Gelnhausen. One of the biggest fly-ins in Germany with a special RV-section from June 18 to June 20 --> New Date August 20.-22.. No admission fee for pilots. Camping is possible. Technically the airport is PPR for the event and you have to register for an arrival slot. https://www.flugplatzkerb-gelnhausen.de/
    Gelnhausen Airport (EDFG)
    20.08.2021 - 22.08.2021

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Event History

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  • RV Formation days LIDT
    Advanced formation training in Trento, Northern Italy

    Check this file for more information.

    Check this link for a video of the event!

    Trento-Mattarello Airport (LIDT)
  • RV Formation days EDTD
    Formation introduction in Donaueschingen, Germany (EDTD)

    2-4 open slots for beginners with little or no formation experience.
    Learn to fly safe, coordinated formation from takeoff to landing.
    Standard training flights for more experienced formation pilots.

    Check this file for more information.
    Donaueschingen-Villingen Airport (EDTD)
  • Formation flight training for beginners

    Opportunity for beginners to get started in formation flight training on August 22+23 in EDTD.  

    2 open slots for pilots with their RV (except RV-10/12). 

    Please send a message for more information. 

    Flights follow detailed and safe procedures and are properly briefed. Typically, a beginner would first ride along as a passenger on a formation flight and then continue basic formation training in two-ship formation (with a safety pilot in the plane) before proceeding further. 
    Donaueschingen-Villingen Airport (EDTD)
  • Experimental Days
    -- Cancelled  --
    Experimental Days is an event dedicated to aircraft builders and restorers. Aircraft from all over Europe fly to Sanicole Airfield in Belgium for a weekend filled with aviation joy. All aircraft of any type are welcome to join! In 2017 and 2018 this event was temporary renamed to EFLEVA Days, to support the European Federation of Light, Experimental and Vintage Aircraft (EFLEVA), but since 2019 it is back under it's original name and concept. Save the date 3-4-5 July 2020.
    Leopoldsburg Airfield (EBLE)
  • OUV-Meeting
    --- cancelled ---

    Meeting of the German homebuilders association from Friday (June 12) to Sunday (June 14)
    Hodenhagen Airport (EDVH)
  • RV Pilots meet Klietz-Scharlibbe
    -- Cancelled  --

    Friday 2020-06-05 until Sunday 2020-06-07 

    The hosts, Martina & Peter Richter, owners of the airfield, invite every RV Pilot to fly into EDCL at this weekend. There is no landing fee at this weekend for the attendees of this RV meeting. 

    The most pleasant advantage is to put up your tent under your RV's wing (it shouldn't be a very roomy tent, though). Accomodation is available. There are bath- and restrooms in a container for everyone. There is no restaurant or any kind of gastronomy on this airfield (There is an italien restaurant in a 4 km distance with delivery service on request, pizza etc.). Any food required for breakfast, coffeetime and dinner has to be brought in by our hosts. Therefore careful preparation is essential. 

    For more information check this PDF: Info-file EDCL
    Klietz/Scharlibbe Airport (EDCL)
  • RV Meeting of France
    -- Cancelled  --

    June 5 to 7.
    Biscarrosse Parentis Airport (LFBS)
  • RV-Fly-in Italy
    -- Cancelled  --

    The main purpose is to meet for lunch in Asiago on Saturday, May 16. Further program until Sunday, May 17th, is optional. 

    We meet in LIDT / Trento on Saturday at 10. You can also fly directly to Asiago. Meeting time there is 12. 
    Departures from Asiago after 3 and option to fly back to Trento to have dinner and stay until Sunday. 
    Sunday morning: Local flights, lunch, departures. 

    Send an email to info@rv-pilots.eu to register. Please include number of persons and whether you plan to stay overnight and for which meals you'd like to join so we can make reservations. We can also give you recommendations for hotels in Trento and/or Asiago.
    Asiago Airport (LIDA)
  • RV-Formation-Event LIDT
    Sept. 17-22

    Training camp for formation flights. 

    LIDT 17.-22.09.

    Trento-Mattarello Airport (LIDT)
  • RV-Formation-Event - EDTD
    Sept. 14-22

    Training camp for formation flights. Join us for any three to nine days!

    Two very experienced RV-formation-instructors from the US will be around to teach us in safe and coordinated formation flying. Fly within close distance to other RVs - from startup until shutdown. No aerobatics or airshow performances but safe take offs, landings, maneuvring, formation changes and route-flights in formation are our target. 

    Location: EDTD 14. - 17.09.
    LIDT 17.-22.09.

    Don't miss this opportunity!

    Donaueschingen-Villingen Airport (EDTD)

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