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This website is intended to enable European RV-Pilots to get in contact with each other - within a country but also across borders. There are many RV-Groups on Facebook or Whatsapp, but most of them are limited to a certain group of people and it is hard to get in contact with them or even know that a group like that exists.

Register your Email-Address, enter your homebase and a range. Whenever a new event comes up in that area around your homebase, you are going to receive an update by email. This way, it is easy to also schedule short-term meetings.

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Not (yet) an RV-Pilot but still interested in these airplanes? Some events might also be suitable for guests.

Upcoming Events

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  • 1. RV Vans Meeting South West
    1. RV Vans meeting in the south west what takes place at the airfield EDSO ( Nortel Gruibingen ) close to Stuttgart. 

    Aeroclub Goeppingen/Salach invites all RVs for a fly-in during their open day! They are looking forward to welcoming some of you for an informal meeting. Please send a short  e-mail to vans@aeroclub-gs.de if you plan to come.

    You can also fly-in saturday and place your tent on the airfield. Showers and restrooms are available!
    Gruibingen-Nortel Airfield (EDSO)
  • RV-Formation-Event - EDTD
    Sept. 14-22

    Training camp for formation flights. Join us for any three to nine days!

    Two very experienced RV-formation-instructors from the US will be around to teach us in safe and coordinated formation flying. Fly within close distance to other RVs - from startup until shutdown. No aerobatics or airshow performances but safe take offs, landings, maneuvring, formation changes and route-flights in formation are our target. 

    Location: EDTD 14. - 17.09.
    LIDT 17.-22.09.

    Don't miss this opportunity!

    Donaueschingen-Villingen Airport (EDTD)
  • RV-Formation-Event LIDT
    Sept. 17-22

    Training camp for formation flights. 

    LIDT 17.-22.09.

    For details click here (same file as above)

    Trento-Mattarello Airport (LIDT)
  • Experimental Days
    Experimental Days is an event dedicated to aircraft builders and restorers. Aircraft from all over Europe fly to Sanicole Airfield in Belgium for a weekend filled with aviation joy. All aircraft of any type are welcome to join! In 2017 and 2018 this event was temporary renamed to EFLEVA Days, to support the European Federation of Light, Experimental and Vintage Aircraft (EFLEVA), but since 2019 it is back under it's original name and concept. Save the date 2-3-4 July 2020.
    Leopoldsburg Airfield (EBLE)

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Event History

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  • EAS Main Summer Fly-in
    Experimental Association of Switzerland main fly-in. There will also be RV's ;-)

    Birrfeld provides custom services on request. Check the airfield's website: www.birrfeld.ch
    Birrfeld Airport (LSZF)
  • Igo Etrich Austrian fly-in

    Different experimentals... and RVs!
    Zell Am See Airport (LOWZ)
  • 7ª Reunión nacional de RV’s (7th Spanish RV fly-in)
    Event that is organized by the "RV's Spanish association" every year. Every RV from anywhere is very welcome and everybody interested in these planes as well.
    Matilla De Los Caños Airport (LETC)
  • Experimental Days

    Experimental Days is an event dedicated to aircraft builders and restorers. Aircraft from all over Europe fly to Sanicole Airfield in Belgium for a weekend filled with aviation joy. All aircraft of any type are welcome to join!

    Camping is available on the airfield, there are hotels in the vicinity and you can also go discover nearby places by bike that you can borrow for free!

    Check www.experimentaldays.be for details and mandatory registration. More than 20 RV have registered so far.

    Leopoldsburg Airfield (EBLE)
  • OUV Sommertreffen
    Meeting of Experimental aircraft association Germany from 21.06.19 to 23.06.19 in Bad Dürkheim. Nice meeting and good organisation.

    Bad Dürkheim Airport (EDRF)
  • Van's Club de France Meeting Pont sur Yonne
    Despite bad weather in some parts of Europe, around 30 RV and more than 90 persons enjoyed the nice weather, good food and hospitality in Pont sur Yonne!

    Special thanks for being so welcoming and making sure that all information and speeches were also available in English language!

    Pont Sur Yonne Airfield (LFGO)
  • 18th Int. RV Fly-in Hoganas/Sweden
    " alt="RV Fly-in Sweden" style="width:600px;height:px;">
    Höganäs Airport (ESMH)
  • Lunch-fly-in Bolzano
    Mini-fly-in: 3 RV met for lunch in Bolzano

    We had a great flight crossing the alps and good Italian lunch. Only very little turbulence - perfect weather for a trip like that!

    Bolzano Airport (LIPB)
  • EAA fly-in Sweden
    Welcome to EAA Sweden Fly In 2019 in Falköping! 

    Main day is June 1st. Arrival day May 31. This year we are celebrating 5 year anniversary at Falkopings airport! 

    Location: Falkoping Airport ESGK in southern part of Sweden. 
    Runway: Asphalt 1300m or 1000m grass, no landing fees. 

    No arrivals on Saturday between 01:00PM and 02:00 PM local time.
    Fuel: 100 LL or 91 UL BP, credit card accepted. 

    More information: www.falbygdensfk.se

    Arriving EAA guests on Friday with intention to stay over night either in tent or hotel are invited to complementary dinner on Friday evening in our clubhouse.
    Falköping Airport (ESGK)
  • Fly-In Cinema Texel Airport Netherlands
    Not only for RV's but I have to mention this event; Texel Airport and Outdoor Cinema will organize the FLY-IN CINEMA TEXEL 2019 on Saturday the 25th of May 2019. In the evening you can watch on a big screen "Iron Eagle" with Louis Gossett Jr. and Jason Gedrick out of your plane! All aircraft and their crew are most welcome to join this unique event. For more info and pictures from previous years: www.texelairport.nl
    Texel Airfield (EHTX)

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