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This website is intended to enable European RV-Pilots to get in contact with each other - within a country but also across borders. There are many RV-Groups on Facebook or Whatsapp, but most of them are limited to a certain group of people and it is hard to get in contact with them or even know that a group like that exists.

Register your Email-Address, enter your homebase and a range. Whenever a new event comes up in that area around your homebase, you are going to receive an update by email. This way, it is easy to also schedule short-term meetings.

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Not (yet) an RV-Pilot but still interested in these airplanes? Some events might also be suitable for guests.

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  • Formation Days Trento

    This event is not just about formation flying, but also about getting together with other RV-pilots, good food and a great atmosphere. Participating in most formations as a pilot will require previous formation experience. But there might be options for interested pilots to ride along or do a formation introduction and some initial training. 

    If you plan to visit or participate, please contact us before flying in: info@rv-pilots.eu

    Find more - and frequently updated - information in this PDF: Link
    Trento-Mattarello Airport (LIDT)
    10.09.2021 - 12.09.2021
  • OUV Summer fly in
    Annual meeting of German homebuilder association.
    Bad Dürkheim Airport (EDRF)
    27.08.2021 - 29.08.2021
  • EAS-Fly-in
    Annual meeting of the Swiss homebuilder association
    Reichenbach Air Base (LSGR)
    20.08.2021 - 22.08.2021
  • International RV-Fly-In Gelnhausen
    Just east of Frankfurt. Open for RVs and all other aircraft. You can fly in anytime from Friday to Sunday. Radio-communication in English will be provided to assist foreign pilots during arrivals and departures. 

    All days: 
    - No landing/parking fees
    - Restrooms and showers available
    - Camping on the airfield possible
    - Hotels in the vicinity (~ 2km)
    - Car-transfer might be possible ("Pilot-taxi")

    Beginning Friday afternoon: Catering (Breakfast Sat/Sun)
    Saturday evening: Live-music

    Other activities will be organised as well (sightseeing, guided tours in the historic center, ...) and there's a Yak-Meeting during the Fly-in so there should be plenty to see and do.

    The many "might" and "ifs" are due to all the Covid-restrictions and uncertainties and the airshow-part had to be cancelled, but there is a great effort by the organiser to make this fly-in happen! So let's make this the main RV-event in 2021!

    Please register before flying in: https://www.aeroclub-gelnhausen.de/anmeldung-flyin/

    (Translation of the fields from top down:
    name, email address, aircraft-registration, aircraft-type, number of persons, remarks)

    Approach-Chart: https://www.aeroclub-gelnhausen.de/wp-content/uploads/vfr-approach-chart.pdf

    Event on Facebook: Link
    Gelnhausen Airport (EDFG)
    20.08.2021 - 22.08.2021
  • Igo-Etrich Meeting Austria
    Annual meeting of the Austrian homebuilder association
    Zell Am See Airport (LOWZ)
    13.08.2021 - 15.08.2021
  • RSA-Fly-in
    Annual meeting of the French homebuilder association
    Brienne-le-Château Airport (LFFN)
    23.07.2021 - 25.07.2021
  • Experimental days Belgium
    Big fly in with Camping, excellent food and great atmosphere!

    --- Cancelled for 2021, new date set for 2022 ---
    Leopoldsburg Airfield (EBLE)
    02.07.2021 - 04.07.2021
  • Formation training Uelzen
    Formation training in Uelzen. Suitable for newcomers and advanced formation pilots. Set up your tent next to your plane. Other accommodation will also be available. There are manuals that you can study before the event and there will also be a proper briefing before each flight. We follow strict procedures in order to be safe and there's no room for show-off-attitude. Newcomers will be joined by an experienced pilot for the first few flights.

    -- Update 08.04.2021: It is still unclear whether this event can take place. Please send an email to info@rv-pilots.eu if you would like to take part and we will make the final decision in the week before the event --
    Uelzen Airport (EDVU)
    08.05.2021 - 09.05.2021
  • RV Formation days LIDT
    Advanced formation training in Trento, Northern Italy

    Check this file for more information.

    Check this link for a video of the event!

    Trento-Mattarello Airport (LIDT)
  • RV Formation days EDTD
    Formation introduction in Donaueschingen, Germany (EDTD)

    2-4 open slots for beginners with little or no formation experience.
    Learn to fly safe, coordinated formation from takeoff to landing.
    Standard training flights for more experienced formation pilots.

    Check this file for more information.
    Donaueschingen-Villingen Airport (EDTD)

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