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This website is intended to enable European RV-Pilots to get in contact with each other - within a country but also across borders. There are many RV-Groups on Facebook or Whatsapp, but most of them are limited to a certain group of people and it is hard to get in contact with them or even know that a group like that exists.

Register your Email-Address, enter your homebase and a range. Whenever a new event comes up in that area around your homebase, you are going to receive an update by email. This way, it is easy to also schedule short-term meetings.

There will be no advertisement, no spam and your Email-Address will not be forwarded to anyone.
Not (yet) an RV-Pilot but still interested in these airplanes? Some events might also be suitable for guests.

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  • RV Fly Inn 2024 ITALY
    We are happy to invite all RV builders and owners to our fly inn in LIKF Airfield on 11 MAY 2024. All crews will be offered a lunch of Parma ham, parmesan cheese, and pizza. Anyone who wants can stay on Saturday night to sleep, contact me to help you look for hotel accommodation. I wait for you Luigi (+39)3356232022
    Parma Airport (LIMP)
    11.05.2024 - 11.05.2024
  • Formation Days Trento
    Meeting of RV-pilots in Trento. We focus on formation flying, but non-formation pilots are also welcome. If possible, we are happy to give you a ride and to include you as much as we can. More details to follow in the next weeks. Check this website for updates.
    Trento-Mattarello Airport (LIDT)
    08.09.2023 - 10.09.2023
  • LSV - Tag der offenen Tuer
    Hello my friends, 
    It is not an exclusive RV meeting, but let's meet at our "open day" in Winzeln. We have two RV-7A based here and we would be very happy to see a lot of RVs that weekend! Camping will be possible, showers and toilets are available. No landing fees.
    Please let me know if you plan to fly in: morharkl@web.de 
    Cheers DEKPM Klaus-Peter Morhard"
    Winzeln-Schramberg Airport (EDTW)
    22.07.2023 - 23.07.2023
  • Fly-in Donzdorf
    Fly-in starting on Saturday afternoon. Eat a burger, pitch your tent next to your airplane. We plan to do a sunrise-photo-flight on Sunday morning, then provide a pancake-breakfast. 

    Toilets and showers are available.

    No landing fees and no PPR required during the fly-in-times. No registration required, but if you can send a short email to Carina@fliegergruppe-donzdorf.de it helps with planning.

    We are looking forward to welcoming you in Donzdorf! 

    Donzdorf Airport (EDPM)
    24.06.2023 - 25.06.2023
  • Fly-In Moulins-Montbeugny 2023

    -- Please check the deadline for registrations -- MAY 28 ---
    The 17th private fly-in of builders and pilots of VANS AIRCRAFT Organised by the VAN’S CLUB DE FRANCE.

    Fly-in for good company, lots of RVs and great food! Find all the information on the website:

    Fly-In Moulins-Montbeugny 2023
    Moulins-Montbeugny Airport (LFHY)
    09.06.2023 - 11.06.2023
  • FunFlyin

    To promote General Aviation in the Netherlands, we organized a Flyin last year at the airport of Middenzeeland, EHMZ, in concert with KNVvL, the Stichting Pionier Hangaar and airport manager Remco Belderok of Middenzeeland. 
    It was a success. This year we will again organize this Flyin in

    Middenzeeland EHMZ from June 9th to 11th 2023!

    See www.funflyin.nl and this file

    We would like to invite all RV owners. After the enormous success of last year, we have set up a foundation, the FunFlyin Foundation. It is a non-profit foundation, relying on donations with the sole purpose of promoting aviation in the broadest sense of the word. That is how we have also disconnected it from the KNVvL. Just like KNVvL, AOPA-NL and other associations, the European RV community cannot be missed on this Flyin. Our dream is to be able to organize an annual event in the future that is accessible to everyone and that every aviation enthusiast wants to attend. In addition, the relevant sector parties would like to and can be a part of. 

    Kind regards, on behalf of our FunFlyin, Tim Weert.
    Midden-Zeeland Airport (EHMZ)
    09.06.2023 - 11.06.2023
  • RV-fly-in Parma
    Small RV-Fly-in near Parma organised by a local RV-Pilot. There will be typical food from the Region and transfer to/from Hotels will be available as well. Send an email to the address mentioned below to receive more information and a briefing package.

    Please note the Location is LIKF "Aviodelta", a small airstrip in the southwest of Parma. 

    Parma Airport (LIMP)
    15.04.2023 - 15.04.2023
  • Formation Days Trento

    Formation Days in Trento hosted by EAA Chapter #1581! Usually a highlight of the year. The last few years we were very lucky with great weather in early September and we hope it is similar this year. Great flying in a welcoming atmosphere, good food and an amazing scenery. Please note that it usually takes prior formation experience to be able to actively participate in flights at this event as a pilot. 

    Check this PDF for more information: Formation Days Trento 2022
    Trento-Mattarello Airport (LIDT)
    08.09.2022 - 11.09.2022
  • Experimental Days 2022

    Fly-in in Belgium with catering, activities and different options for accommodation (camping, hotel, ...)

    One of the best events in 2022!!

    Check this link for more information and a registration form: Experimental days
    Leopoldsburg Airfield (EBLE)
    01.07.2022 - 03.07.2022
  • 16th private fly-in of builders and pilots of Van’s

    "As both the Fly-ins for 2020 and 2021 were cancelled due to the pandemic, we have good hope that his year we will be able to maintain it.." 

    "Biscarrosse is located 40 Km south of Arcachon and the famous « Dune du Pilat » (Pilat Dune). We hope to welcome you there under a bright sunny sky."

    "Van's Club de France" is one of the biggest and most active Van's Pilot's association in Europe. You can expect this event to be similar to the last one in 2019 with great hospitality and fantastic food.

    Check this link for more information Fly in Biscarrosse 2022 and a registration form
    Biscarrosse Parentis Airport (LFBS)
    17.06.2022 - 19.06.2022

About us

RV-pilots.eu is all about friendship and passion.

Building or buying an RV is an adventure that not just results in having a great performing airplane, but usually also gets you in contact with many other builders and new friends.

Flying a plane that you built on your own is a big satisfaction and sharing your passion with fellow pilots, builders and other aviation enthusiasts makes it even better.

With support from pilots in the US, some of us have started flying together for professional formation training - a new challenge and a chance to further improve as an aviator. Flying in formation represents both the excitement and beauty of flying and the joy of sharing the passion with other pilots.

Over the last months and years, we were able to establish a network of pilots and soon had planes from Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy attend our trainings. And there are also non-pilots who joined and supported us with their skills as photographers or graphic designers!

When you build your RV and spend many hours cutting metal and setting rivets, it can be hard to focus on anything else besides building. RV-pilots.eu is the attempt, to let you enjoy the completed project even more by sharing your passion with new friends.

And that's the spirit of this project: no advertising, no fees and no intention to make money out of it. Our aim is to organize fly-ins and training events and to share our passion with other aviation enthusiasts.

Welcome aboard!

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